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IT Installations

Complete network solutions for all business sizes

We provide a complete service from consultancy and procurement through to installation and support/maintenance.

We offer complete network solutions for all business sizes. By looking at your business as a whole we can advise on hardware/software specification, Internet connectivity, email provision and all networking infrastructure requirements. In addition, we also provide secure wireless network solutions and can arrange an on-site audit to test for suitability prior to installation.


Here are just some of the IT installation projects we can assist you with: –

Wired & Wireless Network Installs

Computer networks are the fundamental part of most IT solutions. Regardless of what type of computer network you have or want, we can design it, implement it and provide support on it.

Site to Site VPN's

Extend the company’s network, making computer resources from one location available to employees at other locations with a site-to-site VPN.

Complete Client/Server Installs

New installation or pc/server upgrade, we will find the solution for you. We provide you with options to choose from cost effective through to high end solutions.

Backup Solutions Installation

We offer both online and onsite backup options.  Whichever method you prefer we have the backup solution for your business.

Office Relocations

There is a lot to manage when you go through an office relocation, including the complicated task of moving all the IT equipment. We will manage the process from start to finish.

Software Installations

From Microsoft Office & Antivirus Software installations to full disk encryption we can install and configure packages to suit your business.

Investing In Assets?

Lease your equipment from AOS

If capital expenditure is an issue for your business we can also supply all of our hardware and software under a lease agreement. Call us now on 0161 330 2348 to find out more.

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